[Spambayes] RE: Yahoo's "domain keys" and spam

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Mon Dec 15 12:44:00 EST 2003

Maybe I'm missing your point, but how would an ISP that uses dynamically assigned IP addresses (which is pretty much all of them, AFAIK) recognize compromised PCs?


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> > i haven't found many technical reports on yahoo's plan, but i 
> > suspect that some of the failures in it are:
> > 
> >   1) a paying (or theiving!) customer of XYZ-ISP sends spam, 
> > and it's "authenticated". this can happen either through a 
> > virus or a "make money at home with your computer!" scheme.
> > ...
> 1) This a problem, I agree. It might take some smarts on the part of the
> virus/worm to figure out the victim's ISP and SMTP addresses, but it
> could certainly be done. 
> This is something that ISPs should be responsible for preventing. ISPs
> should already use snort or some other IDS to discover compromised PCs -
> and then block those machines. Many already do, and it isn't a
> ridiculous cost burden to place on ISPs, either.

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