[Spambayes] Bug and Help

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 15 22:18:47 EST 2003

> Everything is setup correctly. I compared the setup with a 
> working SpamBayes version. 

Everyone's setup is unique, though, in that you choose your own folders to
move things to.  Have you reselected those to ensure that they are where you
think they are?

> The icon does not change when I select the Junk Suspects 
> icon.

What icons are you talking about here?  Do you mean that when you select the
"Junk Suspects" folder the toolbar doesn't change it's buttons?  This sounds
very much like you're not selecting the folder that you've set as the
'unsure' folder.  Or perhaps there isn't enough room on the toolbar to
display all three buttons?  In that case Outlook automatically hides one for
you in a little drop down menu at the end of the toolbar.

> Also, after reading the troubleshooting info I noticed 
> that the plugin is not present in the add-ins. I tried to 
> reinstall, but it is still not there.

This is a known (and fixed) bug with 008.1; it won't appear in anyone's
list, whether spambayes is working or not.

=Tony Meyer

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