[Spambayes] Accidentally deleted Junk email folder.

Mark Drake techsupport at gemtek.com
Tue Dec 16 11:45:20 EST 2003

We use Spambayes in my company with great success, and have come across only
one bug, which I have not found listed. Since this has happened to all three
of us using Spambayes, I was surprised to not find it in the troubleshooting

After the user accidentally deleted the Junk email folder or the Junk
Suspect folder, I created new ones, but Spambayes would not filter to them.
I tried to use Spambayes manager to reset the destination folders for spam
and spam suspects, but upon clicking Browse, I got a black selection window,
and I was unable to reset the folders.  I tried following the instructions
in the troubleshooting guide, but nothing worked.

I exited Outlook, uninstalled Spambayes, then reinstalled Spambayes.  Same

But I noticed that the database and configuration information had survived
the uninstall, so I found those (C:\Documents and
Settings\UserID\Application Data\SpamBayes) and deleted the 2 configuration
settings. After reinstalling Spambayes everything worked perfectly.



Mark Drake

GEMTEK Products

techsupport at gemtek.com

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