[Spambayes] solution for the "spam of the future"?

Tiago Estill de Noronha TiagoTiago at Globo.com
Tue Dec 16 14:01:06 EST 2003

I have na idea, I dunno if it will work or if it is possible to implement
it, but my guess is yes for both, k, here it goes:

Create a "meta token" that will be used everytime a word  not in the
database is found in the email
Do the bayesian thing when the user send the email containing a new word to
spam or ham
from that, everytime a user gets a email with new words spambayes would
classify it as ham or spam
After a while receiveing those random chars emails (and building the
database of know words, the token database it self) the points for new word
"meta token" would increase to the spam side

Tiago Estill de Noronha
TiagoTiago at Globo.com

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