[Spambayes] .org and .net (was: More "spam of the future" lately?)

Eli Stevens (WG.c) listsub at wickedgrey.com
Tue Dec 16 22:10:54 EST 2003

Ryan Malayter wrote:

> One of the most innocent tokens is a .org URL, which I thought were only
> supposed to go to not-for-profits. Did somebody fool Verisign or
> Register.com during the domain registration process? Or can you get a
> .org domain from those fly-by-night registrars, too?

My understanding is that the rules were changed regarding .net and .org 
some while back (several years), due to the difficulty in policing 
(rather, determining what was a valid .org and what wasn't).  I could be 
wrong on the reason, but register.com says that .org/.net are only 
"recommended for not-for-profit/internet infrastructure."


I didn't check Verisign, but this matches what I remember from looking 
into registering my own domain in early 2000.


PS - I'm new to the list (haven't lurked much) - is there an established 
protocol for topic changes, off-topic(-ish, like this one) posts, etc? 
Or am I just being too uptight?  ;)  Feel free to reply off-list.  Thanks.

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