[Spambayes] More "spam of the future" lately?

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Dec 17 01:44:11 EST 2003

I'm also getting hit pretty hard with these little sods, and think
I have an idea (but, alas, little or no time to look at implementing
it). I have a suspicion that we could do something by handling the 
text inside a HTML <a> </a> pair differently to how we handle other 

Assuming that the little bastards want the users to click on their 
link, they _have_ to make the text visible, and prominent.

One possibility would be to either tokenize them as something like
anchor:word, but that doesn't help with the problem of cancelling
out the effect of all the random words (some of which are hammy). 
What about trying something where we use tokens from inside anchors
&c before we use other tokens?

Anthony Baxter     <anthony at interlink.com.au>   
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