[Spambayes] SpamBayes for 500.000 users

Christopher Jastram cej at intech.com
Wed Dec 17 12:04:44 EST 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:

>    * people only submit spam
>    * people (understandably) never submit anything very sensitive
I was thinking of hacking the web interface and/or a mail interface into 
server-side user-specific databases that get modified in realtime.  For 
example, forward spam to spam at mydomain, forward ham to ham at mydomain, 
it'll check the sender to see whose database gets modified.

Every night, it'll take a sampling from all the database to store in a 
global DB for users who have never forwarded anything to spam@ or ham at .

Another idea: reject training of spam without equivalent training of ham 
(by percentage, so high-volume sufferers can deviate from norm by 500 

These were my ideas.  Has anyone started prototype work in this direction?


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