[Spambayes] How low can you go?

Seth Goodman nobody at spamcop.net
Wed Dec 17 18:23:48 EST 2003

An interesting aside to the message ageing proposal I made is that it would
help fight what is being discussed in the "Spam of the Future" threads.  It
would do this by keeping the token databases current with the message stream
so that it would adapt as quickly as possible to the extraneous words used
and then retire them after a time.

Another implementation suggestion for using an approach like this with a
train-on-everything scheme is to only train *after* the user has verified
all the classifications.  If we allow it to classify on-the-fly and it makes
a mistake, a whole bunch of mistakes will likely follow.  It's probably
better to allow the classifier to do the best it can do in it's present
form, then after moving any mis-classified messages into their appropriate
folders, do an incremental training on all emails in a given list of
folders.  This will only train messages which are previously untrained, at
least in the Outlook plug-in version.

Seth Goodman

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