[Spambayes] SPAM FOLDER QUESTION - Deleting emails

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 18 14:15:19 EST 2003

Aaron P. Crowell wrote:
> I have close to 1000 emails in this folder.  If I deleted some / most
> with this adversely affect the filter / scanning capabilities of
> SpamBayes?  Thanks!  

You can delete the contents of the spam folder at any time without
affecting the filtering accuracy.

SpamBayes does not use existing e-mails in the spam folder when
filtering.  It collects statistics from the messages as you train on
them with the toolbar (I assume you're using Outlook), and stores them
in its own database.

The saved messages only become important if you want to "re-train"
SpamBayes.  You can either retrain from scratch on new messages that you
receive, or you can point SpamBayes at some existing messages to train
from.  There are several cases that might lead you to re-train.

* You've made some training mistakes and your accuracy is suffering.
* You've trained a lot more of one type of message than the other, which
will also end up affecting your accuracy.
* Your training data somehow gets lost or corrupted, and you are forced
to retrain.

In any case, saving the most recent 100 or so messages of each type
should be plenty.

Kenny Pitt

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