[Spambayes] Performance black hole

Jon A. Pastor jon at intelligent-design.net
Thu Dec 18 15:18:49 EST 2003


I installed and configured, got everything functioning just fine -- except when I tried to do anything at all, after training on a HAM mailbox, performance went into the toilet. Python was consuming 75-95% of my cycles just trying to get to the SpamBayes local home page -- never mind trying to train.

I'm disappointed, but not inclined to spend a lot of time debugging this situation. If you know of any reason, off the tops of your heads, why this might be happening, let me know; otherwise, nice system but I can't afford the overhead.

Also, the proxy seems to have aborted at one point without any notice; all that happened is that the system tray icon vanished, and I got "no socket" errors from my mail client for all three of my accounts.

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