[Spambayes] Changing the icons in the Outlook Add-In

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Thu Dec 18 19:12:06 EST 2003

If you make the3 change within Outlook, and then later reinstall Spambayes, I'm pretty sure the icons will revert. I'd be inclined to edit the images as they're stored in the Spambayes directory instead.


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> > After using the Outlook Add-In myself for a while I've started
> > setting it up for those users who get a lot of junk.  SO far most of
> > the comments have been positive.
> >
> > The one unusual complaint is from a user who doesn't like having the
> > "mean grouchy unhappy" face staring at her all the time.
> Good for her!  Most people think we put the icon on the button just to make
> it easy to find, and maybe provoke a smile.  She's the first one to figure
> out it's actually staring at her, and really doesn't like her <wink>.
> > The "happy" face is okay, but you only get to see that in a spam folder.
> > Is there a way for a user to change the icon?
> Many, but that's a builtin function of Outlook, so you don't need us for
> this.  Type "change button image" at the Office Assistant when in Outlook,
> and it will lead you to the relevant docs.  You can remove the icon
> entirely, replace it with the happy face, replace it with a number of other
> silly icons Outlook provides, or even edit the icon pixel by pixel, all
> within Outlook.
> The last time I tried this, the next time I started Outlook a box popped up
> asking whether I accepted Microsoft's End User License Agreement for
> Outlook.  Say "yes" <wink>.

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