[Spambayes] can't access reconfiguraation

Chris/Sue Yahng chrissue at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 18 22:34:27 EST 2003

I have used your program for about 6 weeks. During that time, I have lost or
not been able to find my files or folders ( I'm relatively ignorant) for my
good and spam mail. Previously, I have gone back to the manager and reset
the configuration. Today, I am not able to do that. When I click on
configuration wizard, nothing happens. The problem I am trying to solve is
why do folders (2 under inbox) disappear? They are the ones I have
previously configured to hold spam and good messages. In the past (3 times)
I had reset the configuration wizard with new folders. Now I can't even do
chrissue at pacbell.net

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