[Spambayes] SpamBayes and financial sponsorship

Dawn Wesolek dawn.wesolek at i3t.org
Fri Dec 19 09:47:12 EST 2003

Dear SpamBayes team,
You have received this email because your project has been nominated for
financial sponsorship by Gary Daw. 

Gary Daw feels that your project is worthy
of the I3T award for Software Excellence for the following reason:

"SpamBayes is an interesting project that aims to use Bayesian techniques to automatically filter out SPAM emails.  This approach to spam is very interesting because it means the Bayesian network is trained against a set of classified data.  This means that the identification of SPAM can be much more intelligent the pure keyword filtering as a type of fuzzy logic is employed."

Your nomination will shortly be considered by our sponsorship panel.  This panel
will be examining your project based on a range of criteria.

Should the application be successful, then your project will be  able to receive 
financial benefit from the International Institute of Information Technologists payable
to a party of your designation.

This is not a scam and it is not required for you to pay any money or waste any time.
You are receiving this email at this stage for your information only.  You have not
received this email because you are a part of a mailing list, but because someone
has personally nominated your project.

The International Institute of Information Technologists is providing this programme
for two reasons:

The first reason is that it is part of our philosophy to reinvest our members 
contributions back into the IT community.  The institute represents the needs
of IT professionals and this is only one of the ways in which we are helping 
the community.

The second reason is that successful open source or free projects can help
us get our message through to the people with the right mindset for the 

You can find out more about the institute on our website: http://i3t.org

The panel's decision will be emailed to you just as soon as your nomination has been 
evaluated.  If the nomination is successful, then you will be given instructions on
how you can receive funds for your project.

Best wishes,
Dawn C. Wesolek
I3T Sponsorship awards

PS. We are considering providing facilities to our members for managing their own 
projects, such as CVS repositories, issue tracking and mailing lists.  Would that
be something that you would be interested in?

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