[Spambayes] SpamBayes crashes Outlook 2003

Mike Schinkel mikes at xtras.com
Sat Dec 20 20:21:24 EST 2003

Cool, thanks.  Maybe I can try tomorrow (can't know as I'm using it! :) 


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[Mike Schinkel] 
> >> is with a *complete* removal reinstallation
> Do you know how to actually do that?  As far as I know, if I uninstall

> it still leaves tons of files and registry settings.  I really don't 
> want to have to rebuilt my machine; I just did so and it took me over 
> a week before I had everything moved over!

The Microsoft Knowledge Base (www.microsoft.com/support) should have
complete manual removal instructions for each distinct version of MS
Office. It's tedious, and involves registry editing and the like.

I also found this tidbit, excertped from Microsoft Knowledge Base
article 826319, which sounds like it might be something I'd try first.
I'd remove all traces of XP with this tool, then repair my Office 2003
Use the Microsoft Office Removal Wizard to remove the earlier programs.
To do this, follow these steps: 
On your Office 2003 CD, double-click the Files folder.
Double-click the Pfiles folder.
Double-click the Msoffice folder.
Click the Office11 folder.
In the Office11 folder, double-click the Offcln file.
In the Microsoft Office Removal Wizard, click Next.
In the Removal Options pane, click Let me decide which Microsoft Office
applications will be removed, and then click Next.
In the Applications to Keep column, select the program that you want to
remove, and then click the << button. 

Repeat this step for each program that you want to remove, and then
click Next.
In the Files You Can Remove pane, review the list of files that you can
remove, and then click Next.
In the Remove Now pane, click Finish to remove the selected files.

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