[Spambayes] SpamBayes Outlook Plug-in idea

Jared Shockley info at jaredshockley.com
Sat Dec 20 22:25:43 EST 2003

Hey guys,

Great product. I tell everyone that I know that uses Outlook for e-mail
to get this product. I hope that you keep it either free or a small
registration fee.

On to things, I have a lot of rules that filter rules for the different
lists that I am on as well as the moderator mails for those lists. As a
moderator of one particular list, I get a bunch of spam there. Your
add-in catches it. However, my rule moves it into the moderator folder
even after your product gets it. I am using Windows XP Pro SP1, Outlook
2002/XP and SpamBayes is Binary Version 0.81. I wonder if there is a way
to prevent this, either in the rules or in the SpamBayes system.

Thanks again!


Jared Shockley
info at jaredshockley.com
(406) 544-9276

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