[Spambayes] Spam Bayes does not respond anymore... :( ... . fixed it! :D

JimmyR at xs4all.nl JimmyR at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 21 18:17:18 EST 2003

Hi guys,
I just installed Spam Bayes and after I gave it analyzed my Ham and my
Spam outlook stopped responding. After waiting for 5 minutes to see if
it resolved by itself I desided to close (and thus kill) outlook. After
a restart of outlook it gave an error message in the line of "the last
time Spam Bayes module was loaded outlook encountered a serious error,
do you want to load it again?"  When I clicked yes outlook stopped
responding agian.
Killed outlook again, started outlook again. Did not start the Spam
Bayes module and then outlook worked fine. But the Spam Bayes buttons
don't work anymore. I expected that I could enable the add in again via
the Add in manager but there was no Spam Bayes plugin there. Even an
uninstall and then a new install of Spam Bayes didn't do the trick.
*sob* *sob*
I'm using Outlook 2002 (ver 10.2627.2625)... and while checking the
version I see that I can enable it here! 
"Help" --> "About microsoft outlook" --> "Disabled items" ... .jeez, not
really a place where I normally would look. I thought sending this
message would have no use. But in the slight chance you didn't know this
behaviour of outlook 2002 and other users might have the same problem I
decided to share it with you guys nontheless.
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