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Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Mon Dec 22 22:13:52 EST 2003

Eudora doesn't know about those headers directly; you have to do a little 
more work than that. Fortunately, it's only a little more. Here's what my 
filters look like:

Match:  Incomming       Manual
Header: X-Spambayes-Classification:     (type this manually into the box,
                                                 include the colon)
Contains:       spam
Action: Make Label      SPAMFILTER
                 Transfer To     Trash
                 Play Sound      spikem.wav
                 Skip Rest

Analyzing that: The filter will match on new inbound mail or manual 
application of filters via Ctrl-J or menu. You have to manually type 
"X-Spambayes-Classification:" (without the quotes but with the colon) into 
the box for what the header type is-- the Spambayes pop3 proxy invented 
these headers, they aren't known in advance to the authors of Eudora. If 
the header X-Spambayes-Classification: contains "spam" (lower case) the 
filter should trigger.

The action triggered (in my case, you can do anything you like) I label the 
message as to WHY it was trashed, trash it, and play a wavefile. I then 
stop any further filter processing on that particular message. In Eudora 
pro up to version 5 this was called Skip Rest in the pulldown, but I got 
the feeling they might have renamed it "STOP" in version 6.

Create the two other minor variations: One where it contains the word 
"unsure" which in my case labels the message as spam but doesn't move it so 
I can inspect it. Another might check for X-Spambayes-Classification: 
contains ham, to transfer good messages out of inbox into some sort of "new 
mail" mailbox to keep your system mailboxes (In, Out, Trash) tidy.

I myself check only for "spam" and "unsure."

Hope this helps,


At 02:50 PM 12/19/2003 +0000, Darren Westlake wrote:
>In Eudora i get the X-Spambayes-Classification headers coming through fine 
>but when i try to create a filter rule based on these those headers are 
>not shown in the drop down box for the Headers field.
>Anyone know why?
>I'm using Eudora v 6.2 and sb_server.py run from a batch file.
>Thanks and regards,
>Darren Westlake
>Managing Director
>ID Telecommunications Ltd
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>Spambayes at python.org
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