[Spambayes] Deleting spam

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Dec 23 10:21:38 EST 2003

[Bob C.]
> After I confirm that the emails sent by SpamBayes to the "Spam"
> folder are actually spam (and they always are!) I would like to
> permanently delete them right from the Spam folder.  As my version
> works now, deleted spam emails are sent to the "Delete files" folder
> and then I have to delete them again.

It depends on how you delete them, and SpamBayes doesn't change anything
about how Outlook always works in this respect.  If you hold down a Shift
key while pressing your Delete key, Outlook will *not* move them to the
Deleted Items file first.  Outlook may or may not pop up a dialog box then,
asking whether you're sure you want to delete them; this depends on how you
set Outlook's "Warn before permanently deleting items" option (under
Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced Options -> General setting).

Outlook can also be told to automatically delete everything in Deleted Items
whenever you close Outlook.

> Great program, the check is in the mail (soon)...

Oh, there's no charge.  We appreciate contributions, but you're welcome to
use the software with or without one.

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