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By default, the Spambayes Outlook add-in puts the database in your roaming profile, so if you log into the network with the laptop before going home at night and do the same thing when you arrive in the morning, you'll always have the latest database. If the laptop collects mail when it's not on the network, and you want it to filter as it goes, you'll want to make your "definite" and "ambiguous" folders available offline (in the Exchange sense) or define them in a .PST file in your roaming profile.
This question has come up before. Maybe it should be in the FAQ.

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I am using  Spambayes on my laptop with Outlook running on Microsoft exchange.  I have access to Outlook through my laptop as well as through other desktops, a pda and  a secure website when I am away from the office.  When I take my laptop with me, it no longer is filtering since it is not logged in.

Is it ok to run the application on both my laptop and a desktop (that is not in my office) so that the filtering can occur when I take my laptop.  

Can I copy a data file from my laptop to the other desktop periodically so that as I train the software, which will be at my laptop, the desktop can stay current?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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