[Spambayes] mac OS-X iMail

JD lists at webcrunchers.com
Tue Dec 23 22:57:27 EST 2003

Does  anyone on this list know anything about the iMail spam filter?    
I hear it's a
Baysian filter,  and if it is,  I need to know some things about it.

One thing is that as I process mail,  it has a "Junk" icon which I 
"teaches" it which is spam and ham.

My Spam or Junk mailbox is getting HUGE and I wonder what the effects 
if I delete some of the older junk.     Will messing with the Junk 
mailbox mess up
the corpus?     Or is the corpus kept in some other place.

It's ability to filter spam is significantly reduced now,   and I think 
it was all
because I moved some of the spam out of the junk mailbox.

Could this be one of actions I have caused,  or has spam mail really 
all of
a sudden figured out how to get around the filter?

What is the recommended way to clean up my corpus (assuming i can even
find it).


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