[Spambayes] Manually filter local mbx?

Paul Denning pauld at mitre.org
Wed Dec 24 12:22:01 EST 2003

I use Eudora 6 as my email client (Windows XP) and use an IMAP server.
I have started using sp_imapfilter.py.

I would prefer to do the following, but I'm not sure what spambayes 
commands to use.

1.  Use Eudora to transfer all messages from IMAP inbox to my local machine 
2.  Purge messages from IMAP inbox.

3.  Manually start spambayes to filter in.mbx moving spam to spam.mbx, 
unsure to unsure.mbx, and leave ham in in.mbx (or perhaps transfer to ham.mbx).

4.  I then select-all messages in in.mbx (or ham.mbx) and manually run 
Eudora filters to sort things into appropriate mbx's.

 From a DOS window, what is the appropriate command line to do step 3?


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