[Spambayes] Comments and Kudos

Avi Jacobson avi-j at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 28 17:22:00 EST 2003


Into my second day with the Outlook plug-in and I am VERY, VERY impressed! This beats by far any commercial antispam solution I have seen. Very few false negatives, and not a single false positive yet.

I am still getting a few messages moved to the Junk Suspects folder (with scores in the 70% range) which I think Spambayes should clearly be identifying as Spam by now on the basis of the messages it's trained on. These include Paris Hilton, penis enlargement, and "hey, check out this website" messages. ("Opt-in" messages from Priceline -- which I consider insidious spam -- were also marked "suspect," but that is to be expected, I suppose, because of the way they are worded and their header information.) To get more of these Suspects correctly identified as spam, I am wondering whether I will get better results in the long run by fiddling with my thresholds (moving the Junk threshold down to 70%, say) or by patiently letting Spambayes refine its rules as I continue to move the suspects into the Spam folder. Any suggestions on this would be well appreciated.

I added a Mark All As Read button to the Spambayes toolbar in Outlook. This is very useful when reviewing the Junk folder -- so much so that I was wondering whether the Spambayes toolbar should not be designed with this button by default.

Incidentally, there is a bad link in the about.html file that Spambayes installs in its program folder. About three lines into the file, the text says "If you want to add the Spam field to your Outlook views, follow these instructions," and "follow these instructions" points to "file:///e:/src/spambayes/Outlook2000/about.html#Field" when in fact it should point to "file:///c:/Program Files/Spambayes Outlook Addin/about.html#Field".

Congratulations again on an excellent program!

Best regards,
Avi Jacobson

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