[Spambayes] POP3 Issues

Doug Nurmi thenurm at comcast.net
Sun Dec 28 17:48:41 EST 2003


I did a bit of purging and cleaning of the system.  This time I did get a
clean install of Python and the Win32 Extensions.  I unzipped the SpamBayes
into a folder.  Apparently I did not something correct I did not see
SpamBayes in my Outlook.   I resorted to the quick and dirty SpamBayes...EXE
and loaded that method.

Right now I cannot get it to cooperate in setting up the POP3 Proxy portion.
I suspect I am not doing something correct procedurally.

I can run python setup.py.  I cannot run the line "python setup.py install"
I was using the Pythonwin RUN feature, but it ignores the install part.  It
will happily run python setup.py.  Does 'install' go as an argument or what?

Same thing with the POP3 stuff "pop3proxy_service.py install".

And then where do I run "net start pop3proxy"?

Sorry to appear to be a bit ignorant, but I am apparently missing something
you consider to be intuitively obvious.  Thanks for the help.

Below is message from Pythonwin.

Traceback (most recent call last):
s.py", line 310, in RunScript
    exec codeObject in __main__.__dict__
  File "C:\Program Files\Spambayes Outlook
Addin\spambayes-1.0a7\scripts\sb_server.py ", line 100, in ?
    import spambayes.message
ImportError: No module named spambayes.message

Doug Nurmi
thenurm at comcast.net

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Unless you want to use the service or tray icon. Then you'll need

Richie Hindle wrote:

| Hi Doug,
|> The problem occurs at the end of the Win32all load when I get
|> Python.Server COM failed and assorted error messages.  This put a
|> wrinkle in the rest of the installation process of trying to set
|> up the POP3 proxy.
| As far as I know, the POP3 proxy doesn't depend on win32all even on
|  Windows, so failure to install win32all shouldn't cause any
| problems for it.  What output do you get when trying to start
| sb_server.py?

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