[Spambayes] POP3 Issues

Doug Nurmi thenurm at comcast.net
Sun Dec 28 19:34:59 EST 2003


We are rolling now!  Life is going much better.  The only snag now is with
the SpamBayes configuration Web Page.  I can set up the POP3 portion just
fine, but when I put in a SMTP address and a name, I get a message that says
SMTP Proxy ports specified must equal number of servers specified.  I listed
one SMTP and put in one name.  I have put in 0-4 with no success.  Where am
I going astray now???

Thanks.  Previous tips made the lights come on.  Greatly appreciated!

Doug Nurmi
thenurm at comcast.net

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In pythonwin, when you click run script, in the dialog that appears
enter "install" on the line that read "arguments" instead of after the
script. Or just open a command prompt and type the commands in there. eg.
python setup.py install
...or if you don't have your path setup...
C:\python23\python setup.py install

Doug Nurmi wrote:

 >I did a bit of purging and cleaning of the system.  This time I did get a
 >clean install of Python and the Win32 Extensions.  I unzipped the
 >into a folder.  Apparently I did not something correct I did not see
 >SpamBayes in my Outlook.   I resorted to the quick and dirty
 >and loaded that method.
 >Right now I cannot get it to cooperate in setting up the POP3 Proxy
 >I suspect I am not doing something correct procedurally.
 >I can run python setup.py.  I cannot run the line "python setup.py
 >I was using the Pythonwin RUN feature, but it ignores the install
part.  It
 >will happily run python setup.py.  Does 'install' go as an argument or
 >Same thing with the POP3 stuff "pop3proxy_service.py install".
 >And then where do I run "net start pop3proxy"?
 >Sorry to appear to be a bit ignorant, but I am apparently missing
 >you consider to be intuitively obvious.  Thanks for the help.
 >Below is message from Pythonwin.
 >Traceback (most recent call last):
 >  File

 >s.py", line 310, in RunScript
 >    exec codeObject in __main__.__dict__
 >  File "C:\Program Files\Spambayes Outlook
 >Addin\spambayes-1.0a7\scripts\sb_server.py ", line 100, in ?
 >    import spambayes.message
 >ImportError: No module named spambayes.message
 >Doug Nurmi
 >thenurm at comcast.net
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 >From: Adam Walker [mailto:adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com]
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 >To: richie at entrian.com
 >Cc: Doug Nurmi; spambayes at python.org
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> Unless you want to use the service or tray icon. Then you'll need
> win32all.
> Richie Hindle wrote:
> | Hi Doug,
> |
> |> The problem occurs at the end of the Win32all load when I get
> |> Python.Server COM failed and assorted error messages.  This put a
> |> wrinkle in the rest of the installation process of trying to set
> |> up the POP3 proxy.
> |
> |
> | As far as I know, the POP3 proxy doesn't depend on win32all even on
> |  Windows, so failure to install win32all shouldn't cause any
> | problems for it.  What output do you get when trying to start
> | sb_server.py?
> |

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