[Spambayes] Outlook Plugin: No Automatic Filtering (ManualFiltering Works)

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Dec 28 20:49:32 EST 2003

Skipping to the important <wink> part here:

[Avi Jacobson]
> ...
> (Incidentally, can someone explain to me the use of the term "ham"
> to designate mail that is *kosher*? But I digress.)

The Hormel Foods Corporation coined SPAM(r) as a contraction of Spiced Ham,
and most people who've tried both seem to agree that SPAM(r) is ersatz ham,
masquerading as something they'd much rather have.  If you don't eat either,
then think of "ham" as a short technical term <heh>.

> ...
> Bayes database initialized with 68 spam and 2073 good messages

The training wizard should have warned you that this is badly unbalanced;
the program works best if you train on an approximately equal number of ham
and spam.  I hope we can fix that someday, but, so far, the one thing we
tried in the presence of extreme imbalance actually made matters worse.

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