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Mark.Bond at hq.com Mark.Bond at hq.com
Mon Dec 29 14:27:46 EST 2003

Hi there.
I have a Windows 2000 system Connected over the internet to an exchange

I just wanted to ask if there are fixes for the following issues in the
source code:
1- When email arrives it is sent into the Junk Email or Email suspect folder
for review. In my folder list this is referenced at the bottom of my
folders. Is there a way to move this to the top of my folder list view?
2- I have Outlook configured to "Notify me when new messages arrive"- When I
am asked if I would like to read the mail message I receive an error message
stating that the mail has been moved or deleted. Is there a way around this?
3- Is there a way to have email that is deemed as Junk- In the Junk Email
folder automatically purge, or Purge with prompting? Right now, I am
manually deleting the mail in the folder.

Thank You,

Mark Andrew Bond
Technology Manager
HQ Global Workplaces, Inc.
945 Concord Street
Framingham MA 01701
Office Phone: 508-620-4747
Mobile: 617-285-8873
Fax: 508-879-0698

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