[Spambayes] offer of assistance

Pete pmarion at comcast.net
Mon Dec 29 17:49:54 EST 2003

I will set aside a minimum of 30 minutes per day to work with the bug
reports.  I have a PC that needs an OS, so pick one (I have all MS and a few
versions of Linux, but I am in Linux Newbie stage) and that's what I will
work off of.  It's a 180 gig HDD, so I can Set up a multi boot system to
test several flavors if you wish. Just send me the order and I will fill it.

Re: The Visual studio offer - I thought perhaps it would be of use in
working with the M$ Outlook interface, but what you say makes perfect sense.

I will start looking at bugs on 1/1/04!  

Thanks for letting me help!

Pete Marion

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[Peter D. Marion ]
> ...
> Troubleshooting in general a strong point.  Very familiar with M$ 
> products inc. all flavors of Outlook. Please advise how I can help.

There are a ton of rare & unpleasant Outlook behaviors the developers have
never seen, so any light you can shed on Outlook bug reports would be most
welcome.  You can add comments directly to bug reports, provided you have a
SourceForge account (which is free) and log into it first:


> Note: I have a copy of Vis. Studio 2003 I had planned to sell, but I 
> can donate if you would find it to be useful.

It's a nice offer, but probably not.  All of spambayes is written in the
Python language.  Python itself is written in C, but Windows Python users
typically don't compile Python themselves (the Python Windows installer
includes precompiled binaries, and the people who build the installers
already have the relevant top-end MS compilers).

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