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Michael N. Nitabach michael.nitabach at yale.edu
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> Subject: [Spambayes] Exceptionally well-done identity-theft spam
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> If you get something like the attached, don't go to the 
> website and "update"
> your PayPal account information.  I just got this, and my 
> classifier scored
> it at 1% (0.01).  It looks a lot like real email from PayPal 
> -- both to me,
> and to my classifier.

Well, I had the guts to go the URL, and it is amazing the range of information they are asking for: e-mail address, Paypal password, ss#, mother's maiden name, DOB, driver's license # and state of issue, full name on credit card, credit card billing address, credit card number, bank name, credit card cvv2 code, checking account #, bank routing code, and ATM PIN.

They even have a schematic of a check to show you how to read off your account number and bank routing code. It looks like a real Paypal page--except for some poor English usage--and contains links to real Paypal pages--presumably so that a vaguely suspicious victim can click on a link or two, see some real Paypal content, and then click back to this counterfeit page.

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