[Spambayes] bug, help?

John M. Copacino copacino at law.georgetown.edu
Tue Dec 30 15:53:02 EST 2003



I love your program, and I understand the limitations of a freeware program.
So if this online help is not available, no problem.


I'm using Windows XP Pro.  When I opened outlook, it informed me that
Spambayes had caused a serious problem and wanted to know if I wanted to
disable it temporarily.  I did so, and now I can't get it working again.  I
deleted and reinstalled Spambayes, but no luck.  I tried to go to the addin
manager in Outlook, but no luck.  I'm thinking of uninstalling and
reinstalling Outlook, but would like to avoid that if possible.  Thanks for
your help.



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