[Spambayes] C++ Compiled version of sb_client, with benchmarks

Calin A. Culianu calin at ajvar.org
Tue Dec 30 16:06:14 EST 2003

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Jeff Epler wrote:

> Conclusions
> -----------
> On small and moderately sized messages, a compiled-language version of
> sb_client can give a clear speedup, (sb_client.py vs sb_cclient -n 4)
> but the startup time is still a relatively large when messages are small
> (sb_cclientS vs sb_cclient101) and if messages are large then startup
> time is irrelevant (sb_client.pyL vs sb_cclient101L)

I wonder if work can be done to reduce the impact of startup time.  Have
you tried statically linking the compiled sb_cclient to all the libraries
that it needs?  It's probably a chore to do things statically since you
may have to compile a bunch of libraries that sb_cclient depends on... but
metrics on startup times for a statically linked binary might be useful,
especially if you wanted to drive the point home about how much faster the
C++ implementation can potentially be than the python one...  I suspect
that on a system that is not memory-starved you can get even more
impressive numbers for the statically linked C++ implementation!

Just a thought... but overall, nice work!


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