[Spambayes] imap4 filter

Neal Stoughton nmstough at uci.edu
Wed Dec 31 18:10:10 EST 2003

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From: "Tony Meyer" <tameyer at ihug.co.nz>
To: "'Neal Stoughton'" <nmstough at uci.edu>; <spambayes at python.org>
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 14:31
Subject: RE: [Spambayes] imap4 filter

> After entering the 'training' configuration folders manually
> as instructed,
> I ran "python scripts\sb_imapfilter.py -t" in order to
> 'train' the filter.
> After about 40 minutes training the program bombed with the following
> messages:
>   File "c:\python23\lib\socket.py", line 301, in read
>     data = self._sock.recv(recv_size)
> MemoryError

Hmm.  How much training was this?  40 minutes sounds like a lot!  Note that
you can get really good results with only small amounts of training data.
Maybe imapfilter isn't immediately releasing everything that it could
(although I can't see anything apparent), or maybe the garbage collection
just wasn't keeping up.  Or maybe there's a *really* massive message that it
choked on?  (since it died reading from the socket).

If you run it again, it shouldn't try and train any of those messages again
- does it die immediately on the same message?  (If so, then it's likely to
be the latter).

I ran the training again and got exactly the same set of messages from the 
traceback; although as you predicted the memory error occurred relatively 
quickly (within 1 minute of the start).  I have no idea at which point its 
dying.  But I was training it on an inbox of about 1700 (ham) messages and a 
spam folder with about 250 messages.  Interestingly the size of the 
"hammie.db" file decreased after this last running from over 400 kb to about 
336 kb.

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