[Spambayes] Should Spambayes filter automatically?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 31 19:34:48 EST 2003

> First, should I respond the the email to keep the email 
> together, or create a NEW email (that is the way it looked 
> like in your response, but is not what I am used to in 
> newsgroups, so I responded)

Do you mean should you include the list address in your response?  If so,
yes.  If you mean should you keep the subject the same, then, yes, usually.
If you mean how should you handle 'quoting' the original message in your
reply, then this is a personal style choice, really.  If you mean something
else, sorry, I didn't get it ;)

> The difference might have been that I did not install via the 
> "install exe" last time.

What did you do?  Were you running from source, or did you use regsvr32?

> But I DO have the enable filtering 
> (it is actually on the GENERAL tab, not Filtering tab)

Sorry; I wasn't referring to the enable filtering checkbox, I was meaning
the range of filtering options - chosing the action to take, the folders to
move to and so on.  If the enable filtering box wasn't ticked, then the
status message I referred to would have pointed that out.

> Even though the GENERAL TAB show Enabled, the INI showed 
> FALSE. I have JUST set this to TRUE. I will let you know if 
> it resolves the issue. But you might be interested in the 
> info any ways. 

Is this log from after you changed that?  It appears to be enabled from

> Bayes database initialized with 3308 spam and 480 good 

As an aside, you'll get better results if you have roughly equal numbers of
ham and spam.  (The status message ought to have a warning about that; I'm
pretty sure that made it into the 008.1 release).

> SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder  Inbox
> SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder  Spam
> Processing missed spam in folder 'Inbox' by starting a timer 

This looks like everything is setup right.

> Message '10-Million-Hits (Instant 
> Traffic)..$19.95' had a Spam classification of 'Yes'

It appears that this was filtered...

> Saving wizard changes
> Saving configuration -> C:\Documents and 
> Settings\Bruce\Application Data\SpamBayes\Outlook.ini Saving 
> configuration -> C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\Application 
> Data\SpamBayes\Outlook.ini Spam filtering is disabled - 
> ignoring new message

Hmm...did you combine two logs together?  This bit looks like you ran the
configuration wizard again.  At this point, though, filtering is definitely
disabled - and there'll be "ignoring new message" messages in the log for
all messages that arrive.

If the enable filtering box is ticked, but your most recent log (ends with a
1) has the "disabled" message, then something is quite wrong (perhaps
related to re-running the config wizard).  If that's the case, then the best
thing to do is to open a bug report (http://sf.net/projects/spambayes) so
that we can get whatever it is fixed for the next release.

=Tony Meyer

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