[Spambayes] Outlook addin using bsddb

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Feb 8 00:30:37 EST 2003

> You might well be able to use dbExpImp.py to export your
> database before your
> upgrade, then import it afterwards.  All will be well then,
> and it'll save you
> a retrain.  - TimS

Unlikely, as Outlook also uses a "message database", to remember how
messages have previously been trained.  I'd still love to see this in the
core BTW, but I've been waiting to see how other applications handle this.
How does pop3proxy/others deal with knowing if it needs to untrain
mis-classified messages?

I assume that in other applications, there no way the user can move a
message "behind the application's back" like it can in Outlook - ie, once
the application has a message in its "Spam" folder, only the application can
remove it.  In Outlook, we are dealing directly with the user's native
folders, so *anything* can happen!  FWIW, this is the crux of my problem
making the "Corpus" classes fit Outlook - we aren't in total control of the

A patch to dbExpImp would probably be trivial, but I don't care enough any
more <wink>.  I expect a binary release will ship with a good bsddb module,
and 2.3 will be out soon, so the issue shouldn't last too long.


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