[Spambayes] bug? Outlook2000

Jerry Williams jwilliam at xmission.com
Sun Feb 9 22:45:45 EST 2003

Well I tried the unregister and reran addin.py and still no icon.
And no errors:
Outlook Spam Addin module loading
Registered: SpamBayes.OutlookAddin
Outlook Spam Addin module loading
SpamAddin - Connecting to Outlook
Loaded bayes database from
Loaded message database from
Bayes database initialized with 24 spam and 162 good messages
AntiSpam: Watching for new messages in folder Inbox
AntiSpam: Watching for new messages in folder Spam
Processing 0 missed spam in folder 'Inbox' took 10.5516ms

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From: Meyer, Tony [mailto:T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz]
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 9:11 PM
To: Jerry Williams; spambayes at python.org
Subject: RE: [Spambayes] bug? Outlook2000

> It would be nice to have a small description on how
> to uninstall the Outlook2000 plugin.
Run addin.py with the parameter "--unregister".  This should probably be
added to the readme.

> I was thinking that maybe I need to
> uninstall it and install it again and that might fix it.  I
> also installed
> it on my Windows 2000 machine and it seems to work fine.
If you open up the trace collector, does it list any errors when you start
up?  If it does, could you post them?

=Tony Meyer

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