[Spambayes] Awesome

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Feb 11 09:45:01 EST 2003

    Gabriel> I am a total newbie to python but, not completely lost. I am
    Gabriel> trying for testing purposes to set things up using the Outlook
    Gabriel> plugin although long term would probably be looking to use the
    Gabriel> procmail or proxy configuration.

    Gabriel> I have installed via executables: Python-2.2.2.exe,
    Gabriel> win32all-152.exe, bsddb3-4.1.3.win32-py2.2.exe.

    Gabriel> Also, I have installed(?) via python: email-2.4.3 - setup.py
    Gabriel> install, spambayes-2003-01-17 - setup.py install, and attempted
    Gabriel> addin.py after modifying a few lines to use office/outlook 10
    Gabriel> parameters instead of office/outlook 9

    Gabriel> I am trying this on win2k (yuck I know) + office XP/2002


You never identified a problem.  You just told us what you did.  What do you
need help with?  What's not working for you?

Skip Montanaro
skip at pobox.com

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