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Piers Haken piersh at friskit.com
Tue Feb 11 16:56:30 EST 2003

weird. which libraries were they?

if they're type libraries, try opening them with oleview.exe:

or if they're DLLs, try checking their dependancies with depends.exe:

that might give some clues as to why they're not loading...

it sounds to me that there's something definitely screwed with your
office install.


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> Oh sorry, I missed that part.
> However, Outlook XP works just fine. I'm typing this into it 
> right now.

Yes, I expected that Outlook XP would work.  The type libraries have the
same version number (with only the minor version changing, which, from
COMs POV, means it can be loaded OK)

Gabriel's machine has some strange problem - the 2 type libraries *do*
exist on the machine (we verified that) but for some reason, that
machine will not load them.

I am very happy to hear that we have at least one reported success on
Outlook XP :)


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