[Spambayes] Cron

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Wed Feb 12 09:51:45 EST 2003

"Justin F. Knotzke" <jknotzke at shampoo.ca> writes:

>    2) Near the bottom is: Trained 1 out of 1181 messages
>       I had trained on this folder once before and there was one new
> message added. Does this mean that mboxtrain only adds messages to the
> database which it has not seen before?

That's right, it only trains on message that haven't already been
trained, or have changed classification.  So if you keep mail around for
a while, and your mail program is capable of running external filters
(eg. mutt or gnus), you'll get better performance using the -t option to
hammiefilter and never running mboxtrain.  Of course, if you run
mboxtrain out of cron early in the morning when you're asleep, you
probably don't care much about performance :)


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