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Wed Feb 12 22:11:19 EST 2003

2/12/2003 9:33:36 PM, "Meyer, Tony" <T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz> wrote:

>> Someone recently decreed that all files mentioned in 
>> in ".ini" and modified Options.py (I named my customize file 
>> ~/hammie.opt).
>> Was this related to the embedded-spaces-in-paths problem?  
>Yes.  TimS used the magic of regex to 'fix' this problem.  To be fair, it did 
fix that problem... ;)

Guilty as charged.  .ini seemed to be the agreed upon extension.  If we can 
agree upon some set of extensions, the solution still works.  If not, then 
we'll have to comma separate or something like that.  The wind'ohs way of 
handling this is to double quote the filename if spaces are embedded.  Doesn't 
matter to me, wasn't my itch in the first place... <wink>  -TimS

>> If spaces are common in filenames, we need to pick a better
>> separator.
>> Thoughts?
>(I suggested this prior to the regex fix, but it became obsolete).
>What about tokenising the separator character?
>i.e. a function SafeifyFilename (with a better name, obviously) takes a 
file+path (string) and returns a string with the separator character (whatever 
it is) replaced by a special character string, and all instances of the 
special character string by another one.  For example if the separator was a 
space, then spaces would be replaced by (eg) '/s', and '/' would be replaced 
by '//'.  Another function, UnsafeifyFilename, would take that string and 
replace all the '/s' substrings by a space, and all the '//' substrings by 
'/'.  The separator character and the '/' character could be some global or 
option somewhere, it doesn't really mattter.
>I'd suggest in code, but I imagine that regex is the nicest way to do this, 
and I'm not so good at regex.
>Isn't this the 'usual' way of handling this sort of problem?
>=Tony Meyer
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