[Spambayes] Outlook Plugin Crashing Outlook

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 13 17:39:50 EST 2003

> I can only suggest adding a few more print statement - 
> particularly in "setupui" etc.  It is probably that we are 
> making a call which is crashing outlook.  I've seen it before :(
I was doing this, just hoping for a quicker fix.  I eventually found it - it was *your* fault! ;)  Nothing to do with my crash at all (just a coincidence that that was the first time I restarted Outlook since updating).

The fix you uploaded to check for bsddb3 is what broke it.  I auto-changed to use bsddb3, and that was what caused the problem.  Setting use_db to False fixed it.  I'll leave you to tell me what this means ;)

> Start outlook without the addin, reset the toolbars, and try 
> again.  There is something suspect in that toolbar code - 
> I've already worked around a few other crashes in that area.
I did have to reset the toolbars for the buttons to reappear (the addin loaded, but no buttons appeared).  Odd.  The sooner those buttons are nice permanent ones, the better ;)

Tony Meyer

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