[Spambayes] Spammie on Outlook 2000 - questions

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 13 19:46:26 EST 2003

> I created "Spam" and "Spam Maybe" folders and told spammie to 
> use those. Good so far. I also copied 77 deleted folder items
> into Spam and trained on that vs. inbox. Still good.
> Some of those messages might have been "in the
> wrong place" messages (gotta LOVE OL's filtering moosh) and that's
> semi-troubling for the future. Now, do I have to save the Spam folder
> contents?

Those messages are only necessary if you want to retrain from scratch.  In normal operation, you shouldn't need to do this.  However, since we're using alpha software, you might want to keep it so you can retrain when a new version breaks the old one, or mashes up your training data.

> I found one message in Spam Maybe that ended up being good. I 
> did "Spam Recover" and got a rule error from OL about unable to
> move message to (as it happens) python-list. Closed message box
> and hit Spam recover again - no errors and message was moved
> to inbox.

Odd.  I've tried to reproduce that error and can't.  Even if I delete the original folder it finds it's way back to the inbox without an error.  Make sure you let the list know if this is a regular occurance.

> I notice OL now running even slower than it's previously 
> slothful self...

It shouldn't be that much slower.  The addin doesn't do a lot apart from when messages arrive and on startup/shutdown.  The startup/shutdown times are much slower, but I don't notice any slowdown apart from that.  Does anything in particular seem slow?

=Tony Meyer

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