[Spambayes] Any prospect of spambayes working with qmail?

Nick Holden nick_holden at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 13 20:21:37 EST 2003

I'm intrigued by the spambayes project, and wondered whether you'd put
any thought to apps to fit spambayes into the sendmail / qmail end of
the mail process rather than as an end-user app?

Running a mail server that predominantly forwards email for various
non-profit groups who advertise their email addresses widely on the web,
we're drowning in spam and viruses which I want to cut out at the mail
server, rather than advising them to insist that their various ISPs
install end-user spam filtering.

But while there are lots of qmail or sendmail virus filters, there are
very few spam filters that can be called by qmail. Spam Assassin will
work with qmail-scanner, apparently, but qmail-scanner won't work with
vpopmail virtual domains, so that route doesn't help me much either.

Your thoughts would be appreciated,


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