[Spambayes] Any prospect of spambayes working with qmail?

Nick Holden nick_holden at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 13 21:28:38 EST 2003

I appreciate the rapid responses!

I understand the arguments that you've put forward as to why a spam
filter should, ordinarily, be a client-side application. I think I'm
trying to set up a very particular situation, which might explain why I
want to do something different.

I'm setting up a mail domain for a non-profit organisation, which
advertises a whole host of email addresses for contact points through
the web and email: london at domain, mexico at domain and so on. None of these
are pop3 clients - they all forward on to people who have agreed to
receive contacts from people interested in the issue on which this
particular organisation campaigns. Currently, they are receiving three
or fourmore more spams for each genuine contact. This is clearly
unacceptable, and I don't particularly want to be forwarding them this
rubbish, nor saying that it's their responsibility to weed it out. I
know they haven't asked for it, so I want to drop it on my server before
the mail gets forwarded.

I'm not arguing with your general assumptions, and I appreciate that
they're shared by almost all the anti-spam project groups I've come
across. I think my solution will end up being some adaptation of amavis,
calling a spam filter, but I'm still trying to find a Bayesian filter
that will work with amavis: so far Spam Assassin is all I get told to

Best regards, and thanks for the feedback.


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