[Spambayes] Any prospect of spambayes working with qmail?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Feb 13 17:16:40 EST 2003

    Neale> The problem with this setup is that if it gets a false-negative,
    Neale> the end-user must forward that message back to the classifier to
    Neale> be traned as spam.  This is a really big problem, since by the
    Neale> time Outlook gets its grubby hands on it, the original message is
    Neale> irreparably damaged.  You can still get a lot of useful
    Neale> information out of it in this mangled state, but whether or not
    Neale> it's enough information remains to be seen.

Some people would say, "Then don't use Outlook." ;-)

How about you cache all messages on the server for a short period of time (a
week or so), indexed by message-id?  If a user bounces back a
false-negative, use the message-id to retrieve the real message and only use
the Outlook-mangled message if that item has already expired from the cache.


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