[Spambayes] Another bug? Outlook 2000 win2k

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Feb 14 15:03:52 EST 2003

> I think that I noticed another possible bug today.  On my 
> windows 2k laptop using an exchange server.  I have read
> messages from my inbox and then come back and found them
> marked as unread. It has happened a couple of times.  I
> am trying to pay more attention to the problem to see if I 
> can figure out more details.
> Has this been seen before?

I think I mentioned something about this on the list a while back.  If it's the same behaviour as I was seeing, then it's caused by messages not being scored/filtered immediately (presumably the hook doesn't get called).  Meanwhile the message is marked as read.  Then the hook finally gets called, the message is scored, and left as unread.

Does this match what you are seeing?

I presume that a fix for this would be to record the unread/read status of the message before scoring, and set it to the same after scoring is complete.  Mark might do this at some point, although he seems busy with a lot of other fixes :) at the moment.

=Tony Meyer

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