[Spambayes] Another bug? Outlook 2000 win2k

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Fri Feb 14 13:10:51 EST 2003

> > "Read once - preserve status" would be good! If I've read it
> > once, it was
> > either "spam maybe" or got past spammie. Once (re)classified
> > as spam, it's a
> > PITA to have to go and mark it as read again. OTOH, if spammie puts it
> > directly into the spam folder, then I might want to read it
> > to verify that
> > it really is spam. It's also true that if you "unread" a msg
> > when you put it
> > into spam, it's hard to tell those from the "never reads"
> > that spammie put
> > there itself.
> I'm afraid I am still not sure specifically what you are suggesting we
> should change.
> MArk.

There are two situations: spam and possible spam.

When spammie identifies spam and puts it into the spam folder, it's status
is unread - this is good. It marks spam that one might want to review.

In the case of possible spam (my spam maybe folder), two courses of action
are possible: delete as spam or recover as spam. I look at the possible spam
to choose which button to hit and the msg's status will be read because I
looked at it. However, when spammie either recovers or deletes the message
I've already read, it moves the msg's status back to unread when it moves it
into the appropriate destination folder! This means that I'm either going to
have to reread it in the spam folder or at the very least manually mark it
as read.

As I'm writing this, it strikes me that this is Outlook doing this. In the
case of recovered spam, "Recover As Spam" causes the recovered msgs to go to
the folder they would have gone to if OL had sorted them, so maybe it's OL
that's setting the read status.

Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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