[Spambayes] aging information

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Mon Feb 17 11:27:10 EST 2003

In message:  <3E509DBA.30411.320099E2 at localhost>
             "D. R. Evans" <N7DR at arrisi.com> writes:

>Does spambayes have any concept that "the older information is, the 
>less value it has"?

Not intrinsically.  Some few of us who have slightly bizarre
installations may have implemented such; for instance, I have
a sliding 120-day window that I use for my nightly retrains,
so for my purposes anything over 4 months old is forgotten.
(The details of my setup are available in the contrib section
in BULK.txt.)

I have yet to measure the value of this aging process.

>PS I am a new user (following the "Linux Journal" article. So far, I am 
>impressed at how well spambayes works. So far (after a few days) it has 
>not classified any ham as spam, and it is now catching about three 
>quarters of the spam.

Glad to hear it.

- Alex

PS. Does anyone know the proper way to placate the computer gods?
    First it was a suspected cracking attempt which had to be
    investigated, then the 120G holding drive on the backup
    server spun off its bearings, and then yesterday one of the
    motherboards fried itself.  What does one have to do to get
    some peace to finish coding in?

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