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2/17/2003 1:27:10 PM, "T. Alexander Popiel" <popiel at wolfskeep.com> wrote:

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>             "D. R. Evans" <N7DR at arrisi.com> writes:
>>Does spambayes have any concept that "the older information is, the 
>>less value it has"?
>Not intrinsically.  Some few of us who have slightly bizarre
>installations may have implemented such; for instance, I have
>a sliding 120-day window that I use for my nightly retrains,
>so for my purposes anything over 4 months old is forgotten.
>(The details of my setup are available in the contrib section
>in BULK.txt.)
>I have yet to measure the value of this aging process.

This measurement is important.  I doubt that it actually accomplishes much, 
but we could use some empirical data.  If it really helps, then we should 
include that function somewhere....

>>PS I am a new user (following the "Linux Journal" article. So far, I am 
>>impressed at how well spambayes works. So far (after a few days) it has 
>>not classified any ham as spam, and it is now catching about three 
>>quarters of the spam.
>Glad to hear it.
>- Alex
>PS. Does anyone know the proper way to placate the computer gods?
>    First it was a suspected cracking attempt which had to be
>    investigated, then the 120G holding drive on the backup
>    server spun off its bearings, and then yesterday one of the
>    motherboards fried itself.  What does one have to do to get
>    some peace to finish coding in?

Good grief.  Have you tried charging a .5f capacitor and touching the leads to 
your tongue?  I've heard it said that the gods look favorably on extreme 
penitence... <wink> - TimS

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