[Spambayes] aging information

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Feb 17 22:20:11 EST 2003

[T. Alexander Popiel]
> ...
> PS. Does anyone know the proper way to placate the computer gods?
>     First it was a suspected cracking attempt which had to be
>     investigated, then the 120G holding drive on the backup
>     server spun off its bearings, and then yesterday one of the
>     motherboards fried itself.  What does one have to do to get
>     some peace to finish coding in?

These symptoms are frequently observed on machines running Java or Perl.  A
sure cure is to recode everything in Python.  Plus you won't have a spam
problem anymore, not to mention that no Python programmer has ever died.

modestly y'rs  - tim

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