[Spambayes] training WAS: aging information

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Tue Feb 18 14:02:18 EST 2003

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions <tim at fourstonesExpressions.com> writes:

> But you bring up an interesting point, in that it's very possible that having 
> to train will be viewed as an annoying chore by many people.

IMHO, anything more than a "delete as spam" button is going to be too
much for most people.  Mail administrators would likely be willing to
put up with more procedure, so maybe a forwarding mechanism like you
describe would work if there is a central adminstrator.

I suspect that providing a "spam" folder that people could drag
false-positives into wouldn't be too much to ask of them.  If you can
get them to do that, a site administrator can set up mboxtrain to run
against their mailboxes nightly and retrain the database.  I would like
to set something like this up on woozle (my home box) but I don't have
time yet.

But I think, in general, any training procedure that requires more than
a single click, or a click and drag, is going to be seen as just as
annoying as the spam itself.


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