[Spambayes] Habeas Headers

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Feb 19 12:43:49 EST 2003

Hi all,

Does anyone else here use the Habeas headers?


Since I do, I patched my spambayes to add tokens for the habeas headers.  If anyone else wants to, the code is attached.

I'm not suggesting that this becomes a permanent modification to the spambayes code - given that Habeas is relatively new, it's unlikely to be in a lot of ham (unless your ham is from particular places) yet, and so would not make all that much difference to the FN/FP rates, and I agree that the code shouldn't bloat with unnecessary additions.  It does help me a little (correctly moving mail from possible-spam to ham).

In the event that Habeas catches on, however, it might be useful :)

Tony Meyer
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[Add the following code to tokenizer.py, pretty much anywhere.  I have it just before subject]

        # Habeas Headers - see http://www.habeas.com
        if options.search_for_habeas_headers:
            habeas_headers = [
("X-Habeas-SWE-1", "winter into spring"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-2", "brightly anticipated"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-3", "like Habeas SWE (tm)"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-4", "Copyright 2002 Habeas (tm)"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-5", "Sender Warranted Email (SWE) (tm). The sender of this"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-6", "email in exchange for a license for this Habeas"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-7", "warrant mark warrants that this is a Habeas Compliant"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-8", "Message (HCM) and not spam. Please report use of this"),
("X-Habeas-SWE-9", "mark in spam to <http://www.habeas.com/report/>.")
            valid_habeas = 0
            invalid_habeas = False
            for opt, val in habeas_headers:
                habeas = msg.get(opt)
                if habeas is not None:
                    if options.reduce_habeas_headers and habeas == val:
                        valid_habeas = valid_habeas + 1
                    elif options.reduce_habeas_headers and habeas != val:
                        invalid_habeas = True
                    elif (not options.reduce_habeas_headers) and habeas == val:
                        yield opt.lower() + ":valid"
                        yield opt.lower() + ":invalid"
            if options.reduce_habeas_headers:
                # if there was any invalid line, we record as invalid
                # if all nine lines were correct, we record as valid
                # otherwise we ignore
                if invalid_habeas == True:
                    yield "x-habeas-swe:invalid"
                elif valid_habeas == 9:
                    yield "x-habeas-swe:valid"

[Add the following code to Options.py, anywhere in the [Tokenizer] section]
# If true, search for the habeas headers (see http://www.habeas.com)
# If they are present and correct, this is a strong ham sign, if they are
# present and incorrect, this is a strong spam sign
search_for_habeas_headers: False

# If search_for_habeas_headers is set, nine tokens are generated for
# messages with habeas headers.  This should be fine, since messages with
# the headers should either be ham, or result in FN so that we can send
# them to habeas so they can be sued.  However, to reduce the strength
# of habeas headers, we offer the ability to reduce the nine tokens to one.
# (this option has no effect if search_for_habeas_headers is False)
reduce_habeas_headers: False

[Add the following code to Options.py, in the Tokenizer section of all_options]
                  'search_for_habeas_headers': boolean_cracker,
                  'reduce_habeas_headers': boolean_cracker,

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